Mission Hills Wedding Photography Location Package 2015

RMB 500/couple including the following locations:
  • Volcanic rock theme water park
  • Mineral springs featuring charming characteristics of five continents - Europe, Asia, Oceania, America, Africa & Middle East
  • Golf driving range
  • Wedding ceremony tent as featured in Feng Xiaogang’s “Personal Tailor”
  • Buy 10 packages for RMB 5000 and get one complimentary
RMB 1200/couple for Movie Town location:
  • Buy 10 packages for RMB 12000 and get four complimentary packages
  • Promotion is valid till Dec 31, 2016
  • Package expires on Dec 31, 2016
  • Photographer, makeup artist and working crew are not inclusive
  • Photography must be completed by 1pm before Mineral Springs’ opening hour
  • Entry is for a maximum of six person including couple
  • To shoot within hotel premise, a crew pass is required. Please obtain one from the Wedding Centre
  • Advance notice will be given if there is a tournament scheduled
  • Please submit your venue booking checklist to hotel manager (QQ: 1441007074 & Tel: 0898-68683888-62831) one day in advance