Movie Town Transportation Information

1. Free Shuttle Bus for Movie Town

Bus stops: Marketing Center of Real Estate, Mission Hills Hotel, Mission Hills Ville, Hainan Normal University, Longquan Estate (Longkun South Road Rt-mart), Hainan Overseas Chinese Middle School, Regal Mansion, Guomao Rt-mart, Evergreen Garden (Shengsheng Department Store), Longquan Estate (Longkun South Road Rt-mart),China Town, Movie Town, Mission Hills Ville, Mission Hills Hotel, Marketing Center of Real Estate Getting on/off at Movie Town Bus Stop: the parking lot
*Notes: 1) The scheduled route: Marketing Center → Movie Town→Hainan Normal University → Regal Mansion→Guomao Rt-mart → Evergreen Garden → Longquan Estate → China Town→Movie Town → Marketing Center 2) The shuttle bus will pull over for passengers to get on while passing through the stops.

2. Free Shuttle Bus for Mission Hills

Mission Hills → Guomao Rt-mart

Bus stops: Movie Town, Hainan Provincial Higher People's Court, Evergreen Garden, Guomao Rt-mart Getting on/off at Movie Town stop: the parking lot

Guomao Rt-mart → Mission Hills

Bus stops: Guomao Rt-mart, Evergreen Garden, China Town, Movie Town Getting on/off at Movie Town stop: the parking lot
*Notes: If any need for shuttle bus, please confirm your reservation at the Hotel Concierge an hour in advance! Thank you! Tel: (0898) 6868388 ext.61812/61815