Mission Hills ▪ Huayi Brothers ▪ Feng Xiaogang Movie Town Scenic Area Ticket Price List

Category Package Ticket price(RMB/ person) Remark
Charging standard The price(youngsters) Special-credential price (the elderly)
Scenic Area Entrance Ticket Preferential Entrance Ticket 160 145 112 1942 •Youth Scenic Area •Nanyang Scenic Area (group rate RMB145/person, 30 persons per group
The tickets package   198

1942 • Youth Scenic Area• Nanyang Scenic Area Including the following items:
A complimentary snack• Oceanarium • Wax Figure Gallery  • Chinese Dragon Museum• Opera Theater •Chinese Gold  Coins Museum •Typhoon & Earthquake Museum(excluding the charge for using raincoat, shoe covers, glasses RMB10)

Ticket 1942 •Youth Scenic Area 136 126 68  
Nanyang Scenic Area 88 78 44

I. The special-credential price(the elderly) can be enjoyed by presenting the following valid credential.
The elderly:
The elderly at the age of 60 or above can enjoy the elderly’s special-credential price by presenting their courtesy cards of Hainan province. The nonlocal elderly who have resided in Hainan province for a continuous period of over one year can apply to the People’s Government Aging People’s Working Commission at or above the county level for a courtesy card in accordance with the regulations of Hainan province and the nonlocal elderly can enjoy the elderly’s special-credential price by presenting the issued courtesy cards.

II. The price for youngsters can be enjoyed by presenting the following valid credentials.
The juveniles at the age of 18 or below (excluding the children who enjoy free admission), the students (full-time undergraduate education background or below) You can enjoy the price of teenagers with valid documents. The above-mentioned term is applicable to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents.
Description of valid documents:The preschool children at the age of below 9 can purchase the youngsters’ special-credential price ticket by presenting identity credentials (including household register).
The students (full-time undergraduate education background or below) can enjoy the youngsters’ special-credential price by presenting their student ID cards and identity cards. The identity credentials required to be presented by Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan youngsters include Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents, Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents.


III. Free Admission:
Clients who are 70 years of age or older can enter free of charge on presentation of their identity card.
Children who are six years old or younger and who are 1.2 meters tall or less, can enter free of charge.
Soldiers in active service, disabled revolutionary servicemen, retired soldiers  can collect a free admission ticket by presenting their Military Officer Certificate or Peoples’ Liberation Army of China Civilian Cadres Card, The Chinese Peoples Armed Police Forces Officer card, Soldier Card, Soldiers’ Retirement Certificate, Disabled Revolutionary Serviceman Certificate  credentials.
Tour Guides:
The tour guide can collect the admission ticket free of charge by presenting valid Electronic Tour Guide ID Card (issued by National Tourism Administration) and valid travel itinerary.
Disabled Persons:
The disabled can collect an admission ticket free of charge by presenting their own Disability Certificate, issued by the Peoples’ Republic of China.

IV. Other Terms:
1. A Movie Town Special-offer products Ticket holder is not eligible for free admission.
2. The Free admission policy is not applicable to a tourism activity within the scenic area.
3. Group rates and other discount rates can’t be enjoyed concurrently.
4. For special credentialed or unspecified special groups admission to the scenic area shall be in accordance with relevant national and regional policies.
5. The preferential-price ticket and the identity credentials presented by people enjoying free admission can only be used by the bearer.
6. Each ticket is valid for only one day and expires once it is used.
7.The above-mentioned price system excludes the items related to large-scale activities within the scenic area.
8.Mission Hills – Huayi Brothers – Feng Xiaogang Movie Town hold the interpretation right for relevant policies on ticket price. 

The above-mentioned terms take the following files as reference:
1.Hainan Charge & Fees Administration【2012】No. 85
2.Planned Price【2012】No. 283                                                                       
3.Hainan Provincial People’s Government【2004】No. 45

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Dear Visitors,

Welcome to Mission Hills Huayi Brothers Feng Xiaogang's Movie Theme Park! In order to create a good touring environment for everyone, visitors are expected to voluntarily observe the following:

  • The Park will be opened all day. The operating center of the Park has the rights to adjust the time for opening, without further notice.
  • Visitors have to enter the Park by showing the ticket. Once sold, the ticket will not be exchangeable or refundable.
  • The ticket is valid throughout the current day. Once used, it cannot be used for a second-time entry.
  • Please properly keep your ticket in case of inspection.
  • Visitors must buy the ticket through regular outlets, but not from others. Otherwise, it may end up a fake ticket, causing economic losses.
  • Unauthorized film/TV shot, photographing for wedding and artistic photo album, or other photography for commercial promotion purposes are NOT allowed.
  • Pay attention to the personal safety and safety of property. Keep well your personal belongings. Take good care of elders and children with you. Vehicles must be parked at the designated place and safeguarded against burglars. In the event of typhoons, thunderstorms and other bad weathers, pay attention to prevention from wind and lightening protection, and actively follow the command of our staff.
  • Visitors should observe public order, help maintain the internal hygiene, and show care for all the plants and trees, in order to protect the scenic environment. It is forbidden to climb up or bend the trees and plants, or to litter garbage and waste about.
  • Visitors should care for scenic facilities and mind their personal safety. Damage to scenic properties, if any, must be compensated according to their prices.
  • Visitors shall not get drunk to make troubles, fight and scrap, gamble in groups, or pursue any superstition or pornography within the Park.
  • It is forbidden to enter the Park while carrying any of the hazardous articles, such as gun, ammunition, controlled knives and tools, radioactive substances, combustibles, explosives and corrosives, poisonous and hazardous products.
  • It is forbidden to enter the Park while carrying your pets.
  • Outdoor shows will be given according to the schedule defined in the program. To ensure safety, some shows will be adjusted or the Park will be closed in the event of bad weathers, special events, excessive visitors, equipment failure, daily maintenance and other causes. The specific adjustment will be subject to the public notice for that current day. You understanding will be appreciated if there is any convenience arising from this.

Consultancy & Complaints: 0898-36688000

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