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QiongYa Snacks

Business Location: 30A Minsheng Road

Business Profile: A Hainan snack bar, with a delicious selection of authentic Hainanese snacks that are sure to whet your appetites!

Dessert (Purple Taro, Profiterole in Taiwan Style)

Business Location: 21-212 Minsheng Road

Business Profile: Serving classic Taiwanese desserts, especially its taro, dessert and purple potato series are highly popular with tourists. Its famous "Taiyaki" video has become a favorite amongst dating couples in Taiwan, as well as, Mainland China. Come savor sweetness you will remember forever.

HML Easy Box

Business location: 24 Minsheng Road

Business Profile: Enjoy authentic Taiwanese food, served in a bento lunch box.

Dairy Fairy

Business Location: 56 Minsheng Road

Business Profile: Dairy Fairy (DF) is an ice cream chain, which opened in China in 2008. Come savor its signature oreo-flavored “Ice Storm” and spicy pepper ice cream for new sub-zero experience.

Longquan Restaurant

Business Locations: 19 Minsheng Road

Business Profile: Founded in 1998, Longquan Restaurant serves authentic Hainanese delicacies. The most famous must be its delicious and succulent "Wenchang Chicken", where fresh chicken is gently poached and eaten with their homemade secret sauce of chopped ginger, garlic, salt, and sugar.

Bashu Sichuan Restaurant

Store Location: 32 Minsheng Road

Store Profile: Bashu Sichuan Restaurant specializes in popular spicy and numbing Sichuan cuisines. Delight your taste buds with their signature dishes like, Chongqing hot and sour jelly noodles, cold jelly noodles, Dan Dan noodles, and special snacks like meat kebabs, Goubuli buns and more.

More Taro

Business Location: 25 Guofu Road

Business Profile: Taro View Park dessert from Taiwan offers refreshing and healthy taro desserts, grass jelly, white fungus soup, fresh fruit juice, milk teas ......

THE ONE Cafe Tea

Business Location: 20 Minsheng Road

Business Profile: The One serves up Hainan's most famous milk tea.

Roam Coffee

Business Location: 57 Minsheng Road

Business Profile: Roam Coffee welcomes you to Mission Hills Haikou Feng Xiaogang Movie Town and keeps you company as you explore the street of 1942 Chongqing, with its high quality coffee and unique coffee blends!

Yu Xiang Yuan

Business Location: 16-18 Minsheng Road-18号

Business Profile: The most authentic Sichuan restaurant on Republican Street, Yu Xiang Yuan’s aromatic and fiery Sichuan dishes will blow your mind!

Wax Museum

Business Location: 9/18 Guofu Road

Business Profile: Beijing Murray Brothers Cultural Development Co., Ltd. established the Beijing Wax Museum, marking a new beginning for the wax museum business in China. Step into an amazingly surreal world and rub shoulders with life-size wax replicas of famous politicians, movie stars, sportsmen and icons - past and present.

China Gold Coin

Business Location: 28 Guofu Road

Business Profile: The heritage and culture of gold and silver in China.

Jinglan Boutique Resort

Business Location: 9 Minsheng Road

Business Profile: A perfect destination for one and all. The hotel has 12 Southeast Asia style rooms and 16 Republican style rooms. There are meeting and training facilities to accommodate 50 people and a recreational games room. Enjoy panoramic views and stunning sunsets while feasting on authentic Hainanese dishes at the lakeside restaurant.

Stare Seas Private Ship Workshop

Business Location: 60 Minsheng Road

Business Profile: Distributors of Taiwanese brands "Brass Laboratory" and "Dizon" products, as well as their in-house brand of sailing accessories

Movie Town Souvenir Shop

Business Location: 72 Minsheng Road

Business Profile: The Movie Town Souvenir Shop offers an exciting array of movie-themed merchandises including apparels, toys and gifts. There are Movie Town T-shirts to suit family, children and couples, Huayi Brothers merchandises as well as memorabilia from film director, Feng Xiaogang’s most famous movies. Visitors can customize replicas of the Oscar Award, bearing candid titles like: Best Mother, Best Father, Best Husband, Best Wife and Best Employee. There are also Republican era merchandises inspired by the 1942 Street, including a variety of retro evening bags perfect for a cocktail party and old school "Shanghai Lady" vanishing cream, which will surely take you back to the yesteryears.

Grocery Store

Business Location: 28 Minsheng Road

Business Profile: Live well, share your happiness!

Ancient Rhythm

Business Location: 39 Minsheng Road

Business Profile: Ancient Rhythm is a unique gift shop carrying African tambourine and antique headdress, jewelry, and ancient glass ornaments.

Consort Pearl

Business Location: 77 Minsheng Road

Business Profile: A leading brand under the Gofon Jewellery (HK) International Co. Ltd, Gofon Pearl specializes in the development and design of high-end jewelry, including an exquisite pearl collection. Gofon Pearl is a symbol of timeless elegant beauty!

Hainan Gift

Business Location: 55 Minsheng Road

Business Profile: Hainan Ceremony Tourism and Culture Co. Ltd. specializes in local Hainan tourism gifts with specialty brands like, "Yao’s Aroma Palace", "Original Hainan" and many more. Built on the brand philosophy of creating eco-friendly green products, the company aims to develop the Hainan tourism gift market and promote tourism in Hainan.

Accessories Shop

Business Location: 38 Minsheng Road

Business Profile: Originating from Yunnan Naxi, the Hainan Li tribal jewelry makes the perfect momento for your trip.

Shan Wu Zhi Souvenir Shop

Business Location: 32 Minsheng Road

Business Profile: Hainan‘s leading brand for creative souvenirs.

Shi Ting Pavilion·Chinese Classical Art Gallery

Business Location: 30 Minsheng Road

Business Profile: Step into a world of Chinese Classical Art and relentless perfection at the Shi Ting Pavilion!

Yi Zhi Jia·Special Local Product Shop

Business Location: 1 Minsheng Road

Business Profile: Yi Zhi Jia offers a wide variety of specialty products from Hainan, all of which are of the highest quality.

Fortune Cat

Business Location: 68 Minsheng Road

Business Profile: The Fortune Cat is a symbol of good luck and wealth. It is an embodiment of blessing and faith, bringing everlasting hope and happiness to one and all.

Zhuai Mao

Business Location: 27 Minsheng Road

Business Profile: The essence of the Zhuai Mao Cartoon is: “Everyone is born unique. Free yourself and follow your heart. Refuse domestication, be yourself!

Miss Dong Teahouse

Business Location: 7 Minsheng Road

Business Profile: Specializing in fruit and floral teas, Miss Dong Teahouse has outlets at major scenic spots throughout China and is fast becoming a part of many holidaymaker’s travel. Each pot of tea is like the beginning of a journey, giving one time to ponder over the reasons for their travel.

Liang Ji Craft Workshop

Business Location: 66 Minsheng Road

Business Profile: This boutique offers cheongsam, Republican era clothing, Tang Dynasty costume, ancient costumes and various kinds of stage costumes for rental. Take home the perfect souvenir by having your photos taken to create an array of one of a kind custom T-shirts.

In the Mood for Love

Business Location: 28 Minsheng Road

Business Profile: Portrait photography, art photo. What a year, 1942!

Times Photo Studio

Business Locations: 7 State Road

Business Description: The art of street photography gives you the chance to capture precious memories in a fun and novel way.

M World

Business Location: 27 Minsheng Road

Business Profile: Television, Movie, Fantasy, Mystery, Mirror.

Haunted House

Business Location: 55 Minsheng Road

Business Profile: Here, terror is no longer just a feeling!

Little Shanghai Bar

Business Locations: 37 Minsheng Road

Business Profile: Little Shanghai Bar is unique lounge bar serving delicious bar bites and an impressive collection of cocktails, wines and more. Taking its design inspiration from the Republican period, the cozy bar is a great place to unwind.

9 Tiers Bar

Business Location: 31 Minsheng Road

Business Profile:Every era is nostalgic!Indulge and get a little tipsy.Sublime and sweet.The era is golden.Perfect for passing time.

Easy Travel·Live CS Laser Game

Business Location: 33 Minzhu Road

Business Profile: Hainan Easy Travel is an expert in military-based training programs, in the areas of corporate development and youth education. The training program is a powerful way to unite a group and to instill important life values like: honor, discipline, responsibility and teamwork. Through interactive team games and activities, participants will also develop effective communication, problem solving skills and greater creativity. Key programs are: Corporate Development, Annual Activities, Parent-Child Activities, 奔跑吧 Series Activities and other Team Building Exercises, Youth Swim and Camp, Youth Military Training Camp.

Cool Show

Business location: 7 Minsheng Road

Business Profile: Cool Show interactive theater is China’s first 3D game entertainment venue to offer moviegoers a chance to be a part of a movie.